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Systematic Review Software

A New Research Intelligence Platform For The Pharmaceutical Industry And Healthcare Consultancies

SRDB.PRO is different. It offers a new approach to the process of systematic reviews and data analysis for the pharmaceutical industry, healthcare and health economics consultancies: an approach which is faster and more cost-effective than current solutions, no matter what scale of project is being undertaken.

SRDB.PRO is the first enterprise level systematic review and data analysis platform designed specifically for the Pharmaceutical industry and healthcare consultancies.

A truly comprehensive systematic review solution, SRDB.PRO supports all aspects of the systematic review process, from searches through to report generation. And all from a single software platform.

SRDB.PRO enhances productivity, increases accuracy and drives greater profitability by reducing the amount of time needed to manage and produce accurate reviews and secondary evidence.

SRDB-PRO: It's Your Choice: externally hosted Software as a Service (SaaS) or a fully installed and integrated Enterprise version; a seamless part of your company infrastructure.

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SRBD.PRO provides...
  • A faster and more cost effective end-to-end solution
  • Centralised management of the systematic review process
  • Enhanced collaboration across the review team – and the wider company
  • Real time reporting and monitoring
  • A complete audit trail
  • Integrated report ordering from the British Library
  • Different licensing options to suit your business, no matter what its size
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With a no obligation trial of SRDB.PRO. Sign up by registering your details here. Buy either the hosted or installed product within two months of your trial period’s start date and we’ll apply an initial discount. We will also give you a further discount when you renew your operating license 12 months later. It's our way of saying we appreciate your custom.