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Whatever the size of your company or scope of your project, SRBD.PRO is the only software system you need to conduct accurate systematic reviews from initial search through to report generation. See how SRBD.PRO can help you by taking our no obligation trial or by looking at the typical benefits on offer to businesses of any size.

SRDB.PRO comes in two versions: installed or hosted.

SRDB.PRO Enterprise: ideal for larger organisations, it is designed to be deployed in-house behind a company’s own firewall for added integration with other systems and extra peace of mind.

SRDB.PRO Hosted: provides the same high-quality, comprehensive systematic review solution at a price SMEs and freelance consultants can afford but it’s hosted externally, in our secure data centre, meaning there is no software to install or manage.

Designed with Business Intelligence For A Streamlined, Collaborative and Controlled Approach

SRDB.PRO has been designed by technology and research experts with decades of experience in the pharmaceutical and health economics industries. It is their response to the detrimental effects – on technologists and research analysts – of software packages that, whilst becoming increasingly task-intensive and complicated, failed to offer a total solution to the systematic review process. Created with wider business intelligence requirements in mind, its data mining, query and reporting capabilities help management teams identify performance factors bothwithin and across projects. In addition, the software highlights common bottlenecks in current processes enabling implementation of new and improved working patterns that will maximise efficiency during future projects.

SRDB.PRO streamlines the review process without undermining the ability of the project manager to retain overall control. The system is designed to automate, or in many cases, eliminate a significant proportion of the most time-intensive tasks that are built into the design of competitive software systems. SRDB.PRO assigns tasks automatically, confirms completion, and continually prompts project managers to instigate steps, or check on activities. In addition, the system’s in-built checks and balances kick-in at every stage of the process to ensure progress is fast and smooth.

SRDB.PRO enables more effective collaboration across the review team and the company. Project managers can monitor the entire systematic review process, from start to finish, from a single screen. Because all project information is stored by the system, project managers can access best practice information and templates and generate customised statistics at any point in a project’s life cycle. Because results and operational details can be easily retrieved at a later date, project managers (or teams) can refer back, cross-check and learn from past reviews.